iOS Theme by Yuzoolthemes

Thanks for purchasing this awesome Theme. Let's get it setup!

Use the demo Rapidweaver project file - copy and paste juiciness from there into your own project. Never start from scratch.
It shows how it all goes together and also any settings for the included Stacks.

1. Menu Items with Icons

Menu items are better with text and icons together.
For the icons, iOS theme uses Entypo font:

Change the icon reference from this page in the bold section:
<span class="icon-">&#59255;</span> <br/>Inbox

Place the text of the menu after the icon in the italics.


To make the number (indicator) in the sub-header appear, use this in the page title:

Sub Menu <span class="subheader-counter">3</span>

Change the number to a value you need and the italic is the page meny name.

2. Stacks

There's 5 included Stacks with iOS theme:

  • Lists
  • Links
  • Mobile Redirect
  • Pills
  • Buttons

This is much easier than using snippets and will save so much time and effort :)

These are only setup to work in iOS but should be quite straight forward. Look at the demo Rapidweaver project to see how I've used them but playing with the options should be easy to see what's happening.

3. More Link

When adding the link in Rapidweaver to make a "read more" link just add "more-link" to the link box under "class" like the image below:

4. Web app mode

To make full screen web mode. Users need to "add to home screen" when viewing your iOS site.

Make a apple-touch icon and startup set of images to make this look beautiful. There are templates you can copy in the disk image of the demo (under Web App Images). Add these that you make in Photoshop or another imaging package to the Rapidweaver resources of your site and publish it! Just make sure the images are the same as my example, and same filenames too.

If you are making a native iPhone or other mobile platform app, you could wrap this exported site in Phone Gap and then publish to the appstores!

Happy Mobile Weaving

Hope this helps you get mobile quicker!

Happy Weaving,