Sidebar Theme by Yuzoolthemes

Thanks for purchasing this awesome Theme. Let's get it setup!

Use the demo Rapidweaver project file - copy and paste juiciness from there into your own project. Never start from scratch.
It shows how it all goes together and also any settings to best replicate my demo file.

1. Menu Items with Icons

Menu items are better icons in this theme. It is possible to use text, but the words will have to be very short.
For the icons, we use Entypo or Font Awesome fonts:

Change the icon reference from this page in the bold section:

<span class="fontawesome-dashboard"></span>

Swap the fontawesome to entypo if you want one from that collection.
Then change the dashboard to the name of the icon.

Best thing to do is double click on the ico you want on the weloveiconfonts page and at the bottom in the gray bar a line of text will appear for you to swap with the bold part saying "fontfamily-fontname".

So the first icon in the Font awesome (an adjust colour icon) would be:

<span class="fontawesome-adjust"></span>

2. Responsive Video

Use the responsive video snippet:

<div class="video"><iframe src=";byline=0&amp;portrait=0" width="960" height="540" frameborder="0" webkitAllowFullScreen mozallowfullscreen allowFullScreen></iframe></div>

Replace the bold part with the embed code of your chosen youtube or vimeo video.

3. CTA

Call to action buttons are easy in Sidebar.

Paste in the CTA snippet:

<a href=""><buttonAction>Get the Sidebar Theme</button></a>

Change the bold part to the page you want to link to
Change the bold italic part to the text of the button.

The colours for the button can be changed in the page settings, colour control settings.

4. Other options to be aware of

It's possible to easily hide or show the sidebar and title bar in the page settings.

Also when starting a RW blog page, be sure to switch on the "Blog Page" option for best styles.

Have a play with all the colours and options and make something cool!

Happy Weaving

Hope this helps you get your project quicker and with more style!

Happy Weaving,