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I've (Michael) been using RapidWeaver since version 3.1 to make spiffing client sites and rule projects like a boss 👊 and now it's time to give back the love to the RapidWeaver community with all the skills and knowledge I've learnt from the Web School of Hard Knocks.

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Dave Hidding

"Just a quick note of thanks to Michael for listening to our needs and desires, and then quickly updating the stack!"

Nicky Beltran

"I just want to say that I am extremely satisfied with your product. It really is amazing and just what I was looking for."

Eric Vaughn

"I love the Just Forms product. I particularly like the way the email lays out and the information is presented to my client."

Serge Christiaans

"Keep up the inspiration Michael, we love your design and functionality! And use it all the time in most of our projects."

Thanks for all your RapidWeaver lessons in coding and design. So great to be part of Yuzoolthemes experience. In other words, thank you, Michael.

Monica Palmer

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